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I  imagined  that  others  hold  me  in  high  esteem.  I  did  not
            practise what my Confessor set me with regard to humility. 5.

                                     Sunday 16

                  I considered myself equal to a Saint in certain things. I
            was pleased when they assigned more girls to my Catechism
            class; I would have been unhappy if they had entrusted them
            to  another  Teacher.  I  let  slip  a  few  opportunities  to  practise
            what my Confessor instructed me with regard to humility. 3.

                                    Monday 17

                  I imagined it was thanks to me that another person did a
            good  deed.  I  made  a  show  of  being  familiar  with  spiritual
            things. When I was reproached for something I tried to prove
            myself right by telling another person of it. I showed a person a

            thing I had made. 4.

                                    Tuesday 18

                  I was sorry I could not write properly a thing that had to
            be  made  public.  I  was  anxious  at  being  unable  to  answer  a
            question made to me and I took a long time thinking it over till I
            could give an answer to my own satisfaction. I did not like it
            when  another  girl  was  praised  because  I  expected  all  the
            praise for myself. I felt important because a person asked for
            my advice. 4.

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