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Saturday 22

                  I felt as if I did something extraordinary to acquire holy
            humility.  I  showed  something  I  had  made,  expecting  to  be
            praised for it. While I sang I thought that those who heard me
            singing would think that I sang because I was calm and happy.
            I  thought  that  a  person  to  whom  I  had  sent  a  letter  would
            surely find it done well and with much feeling. 4.

                                     Sunday 23

                  I refused to comply with a person’s wish in a harmless
            thing. I expected a person to invite me to a discussion. On one

            occasion I tried to hide from view an ornament I wore. I let slip
            an  opportunity  to  practise  what  my  spiritual  Director
            recommended. I used some harsh words in my talk. 5.

                                    Monday 24

                  When  a  nun  asked  me  if  I  was  still  receiving  Holy
            Communion I replied: Up to now, yes. I wished I could avoid
            taking an active part in the Sodality, just because I don’t like to
            be criticized. I wished to be the richest, most respectable etc.
            of all. I felt unhappy that my parents are of a low social status.
            I was a bit arrogant in expressing my view. 5.

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