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                             NOTES ON THOUGHTS OF PRIDE
                                  AND OTHER DEFECTS

                              1 - 4 FEBRUARY (Year uncertain)

                     I am writing for the greater glory of God, in obedience. I
               pray that the Lord may make me write with all simplicity what
               he wishes me to write, so that he (spiritual director) who acts
               on His behalf may come to know my inner dispositions and my

               1    In  Bartolomea’s  script,  the  vowels  in  italian  a,  e,  i,  o,  u  are  replaced  by
               numbers  1,  2,  3,  4,  5,  a  habit  which  Venerable  Bartolomea  sometimes  uses  in
               other writings on her conscience, so that only her Confessor, who had the key to
               the reading, could understand.
                 It must be kept in mind that, strictly speaking, these are not defects but rather
               temptations overcome with generosity by Bartolomea, and so they point to real
               acts of virtue.

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