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Sunday 9

                  I  felt  sure  that  a  person  would  think  highly  of  me
            because I spoke to her in a subdued voice. I was praised just
            a  little,  but  it  came  several  times  in  mind.  I  told  a  person
            something from which it would become clear why I was late for
            the Sodality meeting, and I stayed at the back not to appear
            negligent before everyone. I had again a thought of writing my
            own life-story. I did not carry out what my Confessor told me
            with  regard  to  humility,  though  a  few  opportunities  to  do  so
            came my way. 5.

                                    Monday 10

                  I found it hard to say a few words that partly showed my
            pride. A  word  of  praise  given me came back  to mind.  I  said

            that a distinguished person had come to visit me, in order to
            impress others about myself. 3.

                                    Tuesday 11

                  I failed to avail myself of a few opportunities to do what I
            was told relating to humility. I imagined that I was the first to
            practise a good thing. I was gratified at being praised a little. 3.

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