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Wednesday 12

                     I  was  happy  to  see  in  a  grand  house  something  that
               was like what  there is in mine. I was happy to see that many
               like me. I supposed that someone would speak well of me. 3.

                                       Thursday 13

                     I  considered  myself  kinder  than  another  person.  I
               showed  my  hurt  feelings  over  a  matter.  I  felt  a  certain
               annoyance  at  having  to note  these  thoughts.  I  did  not  like it
               when a girl at all addressed me in a too familiar way. 4.

                                        Friday 14

                     I  held  obstinately  to  my  own  opinion  with  a  person
               superior  to  me  because  I  wanted  to  have  my  way.  When  I
               heard a word of praise, instead of being sorry for it, I laughed. I
               told a person to say something to someone else so that they
               might afterwards speak well of me. 3.

                                       Saturday 15

                     I  tried  to  keep  to  myself  something  that  would  have
               made others lose their esteem for me. I refused to comply with
               a person in a reasonable thing. I was a bit harsh in my speech.

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