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Wednesday 19

                     I  held  obstinately  to  my  view  with  persons  superior  to
               me. I would have liked it if other persons came to know that I
               did not do anything to keep me warm. I spoke sharply. I felt
               proud  when  a  person  saw  me  teaching  young  girls.  I  was
               gratified to hear that I had written a letter well. 5.

                                       Thursday 20

                     I  justified  my  behaviour  twice,  one  of  them  a  bit
               passionately. I imagined that the Nuns’ Confessor would hold
               me in high regard because I always receive Holy Communion
               from his hands. I showed some reluctance in complying with
               my parents’ wish in doing something. I thought of making an
               act  of  dependence  in  one  thing  so  that  I  may  appear

               dependent in everything. 5.

                                        Friday 21

                     A  certain  person  told  me  I  was  a  Nun,  and  I  was
               gratified to hear it because I gathered that my behaviour was
               well-liked. When I heard someone say that we are rich I was
               pleased. A  sick  person  asked for my  prayers  and  this made
               me think that I am virtuous. I did not like it when two persons
               saw me have supper because the meal was poor. 4.

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