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Thursday 27

                  Today, it seems to me, there was no danger of indulging
            in  pride  as  I  have  spent  the  whole  day  in  practices  of  piety;
            nevertheless I did have a thought of pride even today, and it is
            this:  it  seemed  to  me  that  I  have  spent  a  good  long  time  in

                                     Friday 28

                  I was curious to know what they said about our singing,
            and when I heard that some liked it, I was gratified. I was also
            pleased  with  myself  when  a  person  saw  me  returning  from
            church  after  our  Sodality  meeting.  I  put  some  books  on  my
            table so that those who saw them might presume that I read a
            lot and that I have good books. I spoke with feigned humility.


                                    Saturday 29

                  I  said  some  words  from  which  they  would  understand
            that I had done a good deed. There came back to mind a word
            of praise I had received, due to my hypocrisy. I was happy to
            hear words of praise said of me, though they were just for fun.
            I said that two girls find me awe-inspiring. 4.

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