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                  A few thoughts of pride crossed my mind, but Our Lord
            in his charity made them vanish at once. My prayer was rather
            troubled. Today I have been calm in spirit. Our Lord helped me
            much, and I had no other cross except a worse stomach ache,
            and the anxiety of having several relatives sick.


                  I was in rather low spirits without a real reason, maybe
            because of my stomach ache. I prayed with much difficulty and
            for a good part of the day I had to struggle against feelings of


                  Today  I  was  more  calm.  I  carried  on  with  my  work
            cheerfully.  I  had  some  thoughts  of  self-complacency;  when  I
            thought over some words I had said, I felt they were worthy of
            praise. Our Lord has presented me with a cross, but I’m not
            sure if I have availed myself fully of it.


                  Today I was very calm and quiet. In a certain situation I
            had to go against my self-love. Several times Our Lord made
            me feel that he was with me, and by his charity he made my
            burden much lighter.

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