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                     I imagined that others would say that I am clever. I was
               gratified when two priests saw me with a very virtuous young
               girl. I was anxious to explain the reason for turning up late for
               the Sodality meeting, though no-one asked me to do so. I was
               gratified to assist at the Catechism session. I was pleased with
               myself when I addressed a lady very politely. 5 .

                                         Friday 7

                     I imagined that a person spoke well of me. I expressed
               a desire for a good thing in order to be praised for it. I thought
               of myself as a fairly humble person. I considered myself to be

                                       Saturday 8

                     I was sorry that a person came to know of a mistake I
               made.  I  considered  myself  to  be  virtuous  because  my
               Confessor  assigned  me  many  spiritual  Communions.  I
               imagined that some persons had spoken well of me. 3.

               1    This and the following figures put at the end of the list of defects indicate the
               number of defects committed on that day.

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