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Tuesday 25

                     Seeing  that  some  girls  like  me  very  much,  I  imagined
               that they do so because they and I with them think I am gentle.
               I prayed to the Lord to let me suffer but ... but I am unable to
               bear anything. I was not displeased at a little praise given me.
               Besides, I must confess that every time I read the life of saints
               and about their virtues, there always comes the thought that I
               am  equally  virtuous:  so  too  when  I  read  about  the  opinion
               others had of their saintly life, it seems to me that others have
               the same idea of me, too, to such an extent that even these
               two  days  that  I  did  not  receive  Holy  Communion,  I  have
               imagined  that  others  will  think  it  is  because  of  some  holy
               purpose  such  as  an  act  of  mortification,  a  very  delicate
               conscience, etc. Even the concern that my Confessor has for
               my soul, I attribute to some merit of mine.

                                     Wednesday 26

                     When  I  arrived  late  for  the  sermon  and  was  almost
               reproached  by  another  person,  I  brought  at  once  a  lame
               excuse.  I  was  gratified  to  hear  two  persons  speak  highly  of
               me.  As  they  told  me  that  they  had  been  talking  about  me,  I
               presumed  they  had  spoken  well  of  me.  I  imagined  that  if
               someone were to write my life they would mention that I was
               patient. 4.

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