P. 9

Though I said something about our Institute, it did not disturb
               me.  Certain  other  cares  and  thoughts  came  to  my  mind  but
               then easily left me. I went to bed happily though I had felt my
               usual  aches  and  pains  more  than  ever  during  the  day;  it
               seemed to me that if death came to me in the night, the Lord
               would have been merciful to me.

                                  Day 2 - 24 September

                     I  got  up  from  bed  with  a  cheerful  heart  though  I  had
               slept very little over the night. By God’s grace I gladly resumed
               my  Spiritual  Exercises.  I  was  very  happy  to  receive  Holy
               Communion  but  my  heart  was  strangely  cold.  However,  Our
               Lord is always so kind to me: he made me remain calm and
               quiet, and I felt the Lord urging me to abandon myself totally in

               his arms and let him do everything even for the Institute itself
               because the humblest instruments are the very ones he uses
               to carry out His designs with. I felt he was encouraging me to
               proceed  with  this  undertaking  and  take  heart;  to  let  him  do
               everything himself: all I had to do was to remove all obstacles
               and follow him blindly.

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