P. 14

sought in all that he did only the glory of His divine Father. I
            have understood how greatly Jesus will be pleased with me if
            in all that I do I have no other aim except his glory, and that I
            myself,  my  own  concern  even  in  spiritual  matters,  and
            whatever I may desire, should have no other aim than that of
            pleasing and honouring Jesus. After that, I let my spirit rest in
            the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and I enjoyed for a while his divine
            presence.  Oh!  How  good  my  Jesus  is!...  Even  after  I  have
            committed  countless  sins,  he  receives  me  so  kindly,  and  he
            loves me.
                  Resolutions: Before I do anything I shall remind myself:
            I am doing it for God.
                  For  this  Meditation  I  remained  seated  throughout,  that
            is, little more than ¾ of an hour. I had very few distractions. I
            was absorbed in God and enjoyed peace and joy.
                  Today’s  Lesson  was  on  the  meekness  we  should
            cultivate when we are wronged. This is just the right thing for
            me, with the touchy self-love that I have. God grant that I pay
            heed to Blessed Liguori on this point.
                  Particular  Examination  of  conscience.  I  am  extremely
            obliged  to  my  God.  He  has  helped  me  in  every  situation,
            accompanying  me  at  every  step;  he  has  put  in  me  a  sweet
            sense of gladness that comforts me; everything spoke to me of
            Him, and every moment I felt my heart uttering those words: “I
            will take her into the desert and speak to her heart” . He kept
            me in tranquil repose and though two or three times thoughts
            of housework etc. crossed my mind, they fled at once.

            1    Original in Latin “Ducam in solitudinem, et loquar ad cor”.

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