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understood that Jesus will be pleased if I look after my health,
            something that I had never felt in other Meditations, nor ever
            before. I ended it with an act of  total self-surrender in God’s
                  Resolutions: To do these Spiritual Exercises as well as
            I possibly can, and to overcome all temptations by turning for
            help to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
                  This meditation lasted a little more than half-an-hour. I
            had very few distractions: I had much peace of mind and deep
            spiritual  joy.  For  a  while  Our  Lord  was  at  work,  and  I  was
            moved to tears. I was seated almost the whole time.

                               Day 1 - 23 September

                  At  my  Holy  Communion  this  morning  I  felt  inwardly
            urged to suffer patiently and to persevere to the end. Though it
            took me some trouble to prepare a few little girls  in church I
            was very happy to do something useful for my neighbour, and
            Our Lord made up for it by giving me much peace and quiet.

                                 FIRST MEDITATION

                                 On Man’s Last End

                  In this Meditation the Lord has graciously shown me by

            a  particular  light  the  Nothingness  I  am  derived  from;  I  have
            therefore understood how groundless my pride is, since what I
            have of my own is simply nothing, and sinfulness; it seems to

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