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                               AD MAJOREM DEI GLORIAM. AMEN.

                                 22 September - Evening

                             INTRODUCTION TO THE RETREAT



                          On the Necessity of striving for salvation

                     This Meditation was meant to be on the above topic, but
               I  had  to  let  my  God  work.  In  such  circumstances  I  received
               from my good Father the welcome and delicate warmth of the
               Father of the Prodigal Son. He inspired me with a boundless
               trust in his goodness and he showed me his Heart open-wide
               to receive me and help me become totally his. He also offered
               me a little Cross, inviting me to carry it gladly for Him. I have
               had  sentiments  of  deep  gratitude  to  God  as  I  realized  how
               many graces he grants me not only to save my soul but also to
               make me a saint. I strongly felt my Jesus urging me to strive

               after  holiness  by  means  of  charity  towards  my  neighbour.  It
               seemed  to  me  he  was  very  pleased  when  I  promised  him  I
               would spare no pains in that holy exercise. For that purpose, I

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