P. 7

could have become a great saint, and instead I am still so bad.
               Among  other  graces:  the  good  education,  daily  Communion,
               so  many  good  inspirations,  good  spiritual  direction  from  my
               Confessor, so many good examples from my companions, the
               loving-kindness  of  Mary,  my  Mummy,  the  assistance  of  my
               dear St Aloysius, opportunities to do good at home and in the
               town; my God, what a golden chain! ... And yet, I have made
               such a poor use of it!

                     Resolutions:  To  attend  to  my  sanctification  with
               eagerness and care, and in particular to do my best to receive
               the  Sacraments  fruitfully,  and  to  approach  them  always  with
               good dispositions.

                     This  Meditation  took  me  almost  two  hours;  in  the  first
               two  points  I  enjoyed  tranquillity  and  recollection,  I  had
               particular insights and very few distractions; in the last point I
               was rather tired: I had distractions and it did not move me. For
               the  best  part  of  the  Meditation  I  was  on  my  knees,  and  sat
               down for the third part of it.

                     Today’s spiritual reading was on Humility: What a plight
               I  was  in!  I  was  scared  when  I  read  the  sentence:  No  proud
               man will go to Heaven: For charity’s sake, my God, rid me of
               this ugly vice!

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