P. 8


                  As I was mentally quite tired, I could not force my mind
            any  further,  and  so  for  this  Meditation  I  took  my  place  as  a
            beggar at the door of the Heart of my Jesus, waiting for Him
            graciously to open it and let me in. I did my best to stay in His
            presence  in  holy  quiet,  and  to  listen  to  his  voice.  For  some
            time I was quiet, and I enjoyed staying with my God, but then a
            certain  restlessness  harassed  me  now  and  then,  preventing
            me from enjoying his presence perfectly well.

                  Resolutions: To abandon myself entirely in the hands
            of  my  God  and  to  frequently  study  the  virtues  of  his  Divine
                  In  this  Meditation  I  had  some  distractions,  but  also
            considerable quiet. It must have lasted ¾ of an hour. I did it
            partly seated and partly on my knees.

                  Particular  Examination  of  conscience.  Today  I  was
            unable to follow the method fixed for Spiritual Exercises, and
            carried out my normal practices when I could. By chance I saw
            in a little boy something ‘against modesty’, and some time later
            I was a bit disturbed by the thought of it, but I just paid no heed
            to  it  and  remained  perfectly  quiet.  A  thought  of  self-
            complacency  crossed  my  mind;  this  is  truly  my  predominant
                  I  spent  the  day  very  peacefully  and  with  gladness  of
            heart, with my whole being absorbed in God.

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