P. 13

feeling  that  it  was  bad;  I  was  repeatedly  heedless  of  the
               inspirations  that  you  kept  giving  to my  heart.  I  must  confess
               that when I was only seven years old, a sermon I heard made
               me  tremble;  the  thought  of  death  drove  me  to  make  good
               resolutions,  a  warning  made  me  stop  to  reflect;  but  then
               everything came to nothing and I continued to commit sin.

                     In the third point I meditated on the great mercies the
               Lord has always shown me in spite of my ingratitude. I thought
               of  my  good  upbringing,  so  many  inspirations  and  the  wise
               advice  of  my  Confessors,  Teachers  and  companions,  the
               Sacraments so frequently received, so many practices of piety,
               and in return for it all, such a poor response! … Alas, my God,
               I am monstrously ungrateful!”

                     Resolutions:  Three  times  a  day  to  make  an  act  of
               contrition, to remain mindful of my enormous sins.
                     This  Meditation  took  me  about  an  hour;  I  did  it  partly
               walking, partly seated; I attended to it fairly well, with very few
               distractions. It moved me somewhat, giving me light to know

               my sins.

                                    THIRD MEDITATION

                       On the Rectitude of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

                     For the greater part of this Meditation I allowed my heart
               to work freely. I implored Jesus to let me enter into the furnace
               of love of his Heart. In there, I meditated on how steadfastly he

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