P. 11

This Meditation took me a little more than an hour; I had
               few  distractions.  I  was  fairly  impressed  as  I  realized  how
               horrible sin is. I did the Meditation partly seated and partly on
               my knees.

                     The  spiritual  reading  was  on  meekness.  I  learnt  how
               pleasing  this  virtue  is  to  God  and  how  important  it  is.  I  also
               realized  how  foolish  are  certain  excuses  that  my  self-love
               brings to make me correct others harshly.

                     General  Examination.  On  vigilance  over  my  senses.  I
               realized  that  I  have  not  been  keeping  good  watch  over  my
               eyes;  especially  in  church  I  used  to  keep  a  better  watch  on
               them before . As to my tongue, I find that I easily put in some
               words  in  idle  talk  and  these  return  as  distractions  during
               prayer; some days I often talk uselessly. I realize also that at
               times I gladly listen to certain things which are not harmful in

               themselves but cause distraction all the same, and at times I
               listen to them out of curiosity.
                     In my visit, in spirit, to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament,
               Jesus appeared to my mind as the Good Shepherd tenderly
               receiving  the  sheep  that  run  into  his  arms.  I  enjoyed  this
               goodness-of-heart and I availed myself of it by begging him to
               grant me holy humility ...

               1    Most  probably  she  could  not  keep  such  a  strict  control  over  her  eyes  as
               before because she had to keep an eye on her pupils even in church. However,
               true to her usual way, she here blames herself where she was not in fault at all.

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