P. 10


                                Gravity of mortal sin
                 as can be deduced from the enormous punishments
                                   meted out to it.

                  In the first point I reflected on the rebellious angels’ sin
            and punishment. How greatly indebted I am to God: though I
            have sinned so many times, he has not punished me!
                  In the second point I understood, or rather reflected on
            Adam’s sin and punishment. In this point I had some idea of
            the gravity of sin: God, who is so merciful, punishes it severely
            in the very act of showing extraordinary mercy by not hurling
            into  Hell  our  forefather  Adam  and  all  of  us  with  him.  I  was
            struck by the thought that all evils spring from sin, and that sin
            is  the  only  real  evil  because  by  it  we  offend  God.  And  yet  I

            commit it so easily and then I don’t care about it and forget all
            about it! ...
                  In the third point I deduced the gravity of sin from the
            pain  of  hell  it  deserves  and  from  the  terrible  suffering  Jesus
            Christ had to endure to wipe it out. I understood the ugliness of
            sin  and  how  seriously  I  should  keep  away  from  even  the
            smallest sin, lest I should incur the wrath of God.

                  Resolutions:  To  have  a  horror  for  small  defects  and
            never to commit even a single one deliberately, lest I should
            fall into grave ones.

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