P. 15

I expect some cross because what I have been enjoying is too
               simple and sweet. I may have committed many defects all the
               same, I fear: of pride, in imagining something great in myself.
               Lord, give me your light and forgiveness.

                                  Day 3 - 25 September

                     By God’s grace, I got up well and cheerful this morning
               too, and I resumed my Spiritual Exercises with delight. In the
               Mass of preparation for Holy Communion, many things about

               home came to mind, but they did not make me anxious, and
               they  easily  went  away.  I  was  happy  to  receive  Holy
               Communion,  though  my  heart  was  cold.  In  it  I  felt  strongly
               urged to wage a holy war on myself, that is, on my passions,
               desires  and  whatever  cannot please  God;  to  crush  self-love,
               pride, craving for esteem, good name, reputation, etc.; that I
               should  tread  the  path  that  few  go  by:  sorrowful,  rough  and
               thorny, but which will lead me to the happy ending.

                                    FIRST MEDITATION

                                        On Death

                     I  reflected  that  it  will  certainly  come,  at  an  unknown
               time, once for all. And so I understood how important it is to
               prepare  for  it  well,  prepare  for  it  without  delay  and  remain

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