P. 6

In the General Examination of conscience this morning I
            reflected  on  my  pride,  and  I  realized  that  I  do  very  little  to
            improve. In fact I do not avoid praise; at times I speak in my
            own favour; I like to be loved and thought highly of by others,
            and humiliations hurt a lot. That is what makes my self-love so
            touchy,  what  causes  the  reaction  I  feel  within  myself  even
            when slightly wronged, and why I so easily take offence.

                                SECOND MEDITATION

                    On the means God has given me to be saved
                               and to become a saint

                  In the first point of this holy Meditation I understood how
            much Jesus loves me: with no merit of mine, unlike so many
            others, I was granted to be born in a Catholic town, and given
            the  precious  gift  of  faith.  I  was  moved  to  tears  of  warm
            gratitude to my God, and it seemed to me I would have been
            only too glad to shed my blood for his sake.

                  In the second point I considered how much Jesus has
            done to save me, how much he has granted me that I may be
            worthy to enter Heaven. The suffering of my Jesus, his Blood,
            his  grace,  his  merits,  and  everything  so  that  I  may  gain

                  In  the  third  point  I  considered  the  outstanding  graces
            the Lord has granted me all through my life, through which I

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