P. 10

Resolutions: To make up my mind to make amends in
               these  three  defective  areas,  and  to  think  often  of  death,
               especially in my actions, that is: by doing everything in a way
               that would make me face death quite happily.

                     I did this Meditation walking about, for a little more than
               half-an-hour.  I  had  a  few  distractions,  but  the  time  passed
               almost without my noticing it.

                     I  heartily  thank  God  who  has  assisted  me  throughout
               this day. I have committed a few defects, but I hope they were
               not deliberate. God has granted me fervour in all my actions,
               with inner tranquillity as well. Everything comes from Him as a
               gift. I pray He may do the same with me tomorrow, though I do
               not deserve it.

                     FOURTH  MEDITATION  Night-time.  On  the  particular
               Judgement. My God, how many accusations will be made in
               that terrible Judgement! Countless accusations from the devil:
               he will bring out so many sins I had not even thought of nor
               worried about, things I had considered harmless. And my poor

               Guardian Angel will be so displeased! He will present the tiny
               book with my good deeds and with it so many accusations he
               too  will  have  to  make!  He  will  let  me  know  of  inspirations
               prompted by him but ignored by me, of remorse he had put in
               my heart but which I paid no heed to. He will let me know how
               many times he had to take his eyes off me so as not to see so
               many  sins:  what  shall  I  have  to  say  then?  I  will  be  so
               ashamed,  so  confused!  But  my  greatest  fear  will  be  that  of

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