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However,  I  ended  it  with  the  firm  determination  to  do  these
            Spiritual  Exercises  as  well  as  I  can,  and  to  write  everything
            with utter sincerity, even if I didn’t feel like it.

                  THIRD  MEDITATION  during  the  night.  On  the  means  and
            graces  God  has  given  me  to  be  saved.  Oh!  How  great  and
            lavish in graces and favours the Lord has been with me! He
            has not deprived me of the least little thing that I needed to be
            saved.  For  no  merits  of  my  own,  or  rather,  in  spite  of  my
            unworthiness, God has given me the Christian Faith, he has
            placed me in a very Christian country-town, he has provided
            me with parents who are so concerned with my salvation. He
            granted me the exceptional gift of a good education, and then,
            how many Sacraments, sermons, instructions, warnings; how
            many  inspirations,  stirrings  of  the  heart,  good  examples  and
            countless  other kindnesses my  divine Spouse  has  showered
            on me!
            If  God  had  given  to  another  person  a  half  or  a  third  of  the
            graces  he  has  granted  me,  she  would  have  already  been  a
            saint by this time, a great saint. As for me, I have misused it

            all, and perhaps I have not even started to love God from my
            heart! ... How ungrateful I am!

                  Resolutions: To be firmly determined to be a saint, cost
            what  it  may,  and  no  longer  let  the  means  God  gives  me  to
            become a saint come to nothing.

                  I did this Meditation partly on my knees and partly sitting,
            for a little more than half-an-hour. I had very few distractions in

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