P. 4

and have good will to do with great fervour, care and diligence
               these Spiritual Exercises.
                     I did this Meditation on my knees for an hour and, as it is
               the first one, with enthusiasm; the few distractions I had were
               passing ones. I ended the Meditation with a great eagerness

               to do everything well.

                     SECOND MEDITATION. Man’s last end. In this Meditation I
               have come to know what I am, that is, nothing at all. This has
               made me realize how contrary to the truth my thoughts of pride
               are  since  what  I  have  of  my  own is just  nothingness;  if  I  do
               have anything, that too is a pure gift of God and so all honour
               and  glory  is  due  to  him  alone.  I  realized  that  since  I  was
               created  by  God,  he  alone  should  be  my  Lord,  him  alone  I
               should  serve  with  fidelity  and  love  because  he  is  my  first
               beginning and my last end. I was ashamed to see how poorly I
               have responded to this aim for which I was created, and that
               irrational beings serve God and glorify Him better than I do.

                     Resolutions:  In  all  my  actions  to  seek  nothing  except
               God, and never to complain of anything.

                     I did this Meditation walking about for ¾ of an hour, with
               little emotion but also, I trust, with few distractions. I had two
               temptations  in  it:  one  was  that  I  felt  bored;  this  exercise
               seemed  too  burdensome;  the  other  because  it  crossed  my
               mind that I had better not write anything about this Meditation
               lest I should not be sincere.

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