P. 7

struck  them  all  down  into  hell,  without  giving  them  time  for
            repenting,  with  no  consideration  for  their  great  dignity  or  the
            great  number  of  them.  They  sinned  and  that  was  enough  to
            bring on them irreparable punishment. However, the gravity of
            sin is even more visibly seen in the punishment of Adam! Such
            a  perfect  creation  of  God’s  hands,  endowed  with  so  many
            natural and supernatural gifts, sinned and as a consequence
            of it he was instantly deformed; he lost everything all at once,
            and what was left in him was sheer misery; so many years of
            penance  and  sin  is  not  yet  wiped  out.  God  himself  had  to
            come down from Heaven to redeem man, and the pain of sin
            is  something  we  still  bear.  Countless  other  temporal
            punishments and all due to sin! ... Oh, God. And I commit sin
            so easily, and never think it is so serious: what shall become
            of me? ...

                  Resolutions:  To  avail  myself  of  every  means  not  to
            commit even the tiniest sin, and to do my best that others may
            avoid it.
                  I  did  this  Meditation  on  my  knees,  because  I  was  in
            church:  It  took  me  altogether  an  hour-and-a-half,  in  two
            separate  moments,  not  at  a  stretch.  I  think  I  had  few

            distractions; I was truly horrified by sin.
                  Regarding the two Spiritual Lessons: as the passages I
            read were on prayer, I understood that I don’t do it well mostly
            due to a lack of preparation for it, inattentiveness and because
            I am not keen enough on acquiring a genuine spirit of prayer. I
            have therefore resolved to improve on these points and never
            get tired of the practice of prayer.

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