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it, and I ended it with gratitude to my God, who has loved me
               so much and done great things in me, and with a firm will to
               become a saint.

                               Sunday, 21 September 1828

                     At  Holy  Communion  this  morning  I  prayed  my  Lord
               present in the Sacrament to let me know if he wishes me to
               have  Absolution  every  week.  I  felt  a  great  desire  to  partake
               frequently of this Holy Sacrament. I was touched by the loving
               kindness of the Lord who, even without my asking for graces,
               He himself offers this grace, which is so great. I have therefore
               resolved to do my very best to prepare myself well for this Holy
               Sacrament, and to try to receive it at least once a week. In this
               Holy Communion I have also realized the great courage I will
               need  to follow  the path of  perfection.  I  understood  that  I  am
               just at the start of it and I foresaw the long way I still have to
               go: a path that is so narrow, filled with obstacles, temptations,
               boredom,  snares,  crosses,  contradictions,  etc.,  all  of  which
               made me conclude that I will find it extremely difficult to reach

               the  goal;  but  God  comforted  me  by  reminding  me  that  He
               would  always  be  there  with  me  and  help  me,  and  that  he
               himself would bring about my salvation.

                     FIRST  MEDITATION.  On  the  gravity  of  sin.  The  severe
               punishment  with  which  the  Lord  struck  down  those  who  had
               committed sin made me realize what a serious evil sin is. The
               Angels sinned, and for a single grievous thought of pride, he

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