P. 8

Today I had the inspiration to note down with care all the
               defects  that  I  find  in  myself,  during  these  days  of  Spiritual
               Exercises; then to take one for every week and do my utmost
               to uproot it from my heart. If I am allowed, I will do so ...
                     As I listened to the sermon in honour of Our Lady of Mt.
               Carmel,  I  realized  why  Our  Lord  disposed  that  I should emit
               my vow of perpetual Chastity on that feast-day: it was because

               in  consecrating  myself  for  ever  to  God,  I  had  to  learn  from
               Mary  the  way  of  giving  delight  to  Him,  by  imitating  all  Her
               virtues and so become a true Bride of His.

                     SECOND  MEDITATION.  On  my  own  sins.  I  was  really
               scared  when  I  discovered  so many  sins in myself.  I  had not
               even  a  notion  that  I  had  learnt  to  offend  God.  I  saw  every
               single  day  marred  by  my  sins,  especially  in  my  early  youth.
               And now how lukewarm I am! ... In return for so many graces,
               mercies,  calls,  I  offended  you,  I  have  greatly  offended  you.
               Indeed, I have used your gifts themselves to offend you with.
               But  how  greatly  I  admire  your  patience,  my  God! What  held
               you  back  from  flinging  me  into  the  depths  of  hell  the  very
               moment I wronged you? ... All those times I deserved it! ... And

               I could now be burning for all eternity in hell, with no hope of
               ever coming out of it, had not your merciful love hovered over
               me. - My God, how greatly I am indebted to you; a thousand
               hearts  to  love  you  with  are  not  sufficient.  No  more  sins,  my
               God, no more!

                     Resolutions: To revive my fervour and to love God all the

                                          - 29 -
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