P. 15

because I do hope that he has destined me to be among the
            elect,  though  I  do  not deserve  it,  though  I have misused his
            loving kindness.
                  In the two spiritual readings I did today I learnt how easy
            and  how  important  it  is  to  cultivate  spiritual  recollection  and

            ejaculations; I have also understood how important it is to give
            heed  to  inspirations,  for  many  times  it  is  on  them  that  the
            beginning of holiness-of-life depends; I have greatly neglected

                  In  my  visit  to  the  Blessed  Sacrament  there  was
            confirmed in me a desire I had in this morning’s Communion,
            that  is,  to  be  very  open  with  my  Confessor,  knowing  how
            necessary  this  is  for  advancing  in  virtue,  and  how  easily  I
            could  be  deceived  if  I  am  not  open  with  him.  Jesus  in  the
            Sacrament  also  made  me  understand  how  important  the
            virtues of humility, lowliness and self-abnegation, etc. are and
            that I should value them above any joy or spiritual enjoyment.

                  Today  I  had  this  thought:  that  since  I  cannot  possibly
            carry out all the resolutions I take during these days, nor keep
            all the meditations in mind, I could more profitably take one at
            a time each week and let it sink deep into my heart.

                  THIRD MEDITATION. On the Prodigal Son. In this wayward
            young man  who  abandons  his father,  I  saw myself,  for  I  too
            wronged  my  God,  especially  in  my  youth.  I  realized  how
            greatly  I  displeased  my  God  by  going  away  from  him,  who
            loved me so much, had done so many good things to me and

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