P. 14

uttered by Jesus Christ and by the opinion of the Fathers of
               the Church, and by the fact that most Christians lead an easy,
               idle  life  which  can  easily  lead  to  eternal  perdition.  I  have
               realized how easy it is to be damned, because evil passions,
               and  tendencies,  the  devil,  evil  company,  are  all  means  that
               lead us astray. On the contrary, how hard it is to save oneself.
               We  must  wage  ceaseless  war  against  our  passions,  go
               against our own inclinations, love suffering, humiliations, etc.
               As a result, how few save themselves! … And yet, my Jesus,
               what about your Blood, what about your sufferings, what about
               your merits? … These will help us save our soul, but they are
               not enough by themselves. God has decreed that he does not
               want  to  save  man  without  man,  and  so  to  be  among  the
               number of the elect, we must do our very best to co-operate.
               My God, as I reflect on my life, though I profess devotion to
               you, yet I admit that it is only on the surface, because I do not
               have the solid foundation of humility. And so, unless you help

               me by a special dose of mercy, I will most surely find myself in
               the number of the eternally-lost.

                     Resolutions:  To  be  set  on  saving  my  soul  in  the
               company  of  the  few,  by  doing  what  they  do,  especially  by
               seeking  humility  and  self-abnegation  in  everything,  for  these
               are the surest roads to salvation.

                     For this Meditation I partly walked about and sat down
               for the rest of the time, about ¾ of an hour in all. I had few
               distractions.  I  experienced  a  great  desire  to  live  among  the
               few, though this may cost me a great deal. I thanked my God

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