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acts of self-denial. Every day I will apply the discipline for the
               time of saying the Miserere and three Hail Holy Queens. On all
               Wednesdays and Fridays I will wear the penance chain when I
               receive  Holy  Communion  and  the  penance  bracelets  every
               Saturday. For three hours on Fridays I will keep two pebbles in
               my shoes. I will fast on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. I
               will never eat nor drink in between meals.
               Every night I will get up from bed and pay a visit to Jesus. I will
               make  an  act  of  love  for  God  every  time  I  hear  someone
               blaspheme. When  I  enter  the  room  or before leaving it  I  will
               kneel and ask Mary’s blessing, and recite a Hail Mary. I will get
               busy in the house in work I can do and will never let others
               serve me. I will consider myself least of all and will be glad to
               be considered as such by others as well.

               Every  month  I  will  observe  a  day  of  recollection  with  the
               monthly Confession and every year the annual Confession. I
               will do with great fervour all the usual Novenas during which,
               in addition to the ordinary practices, I will always do that of not
               talking except about things of devotion. I will make sure that I
               carry out my vows thoroughly well, especially that of seeking in
               all  things  what  is  most  perfect.  I  will  not  give  in  to  curiosity
               even  about  innocent  things  or  about  spiritual  things,
               particularly about matters relating to Confessors.

                     Lastly,  in  all  these  things  I  will  do  my  best  to  keep

               cheerful, never going about with a gloomy face. And so, if the
               Lord  favours  me  with  some  cross,  I  will  try  to  bear  it  gladly
               without letting any sign of suffering be seen and never telling

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