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earnestly  to  Her.  I  will  also  commend  myself  to  my
                Guardian  Angel,  to  St  Aloysius  Gonzaga  and  to  all  the
                Saints  of  Heaven,  that  through  their  prayer  they  may
                obtain for me a holy day.
            B.  When  I  am  appropriately  and  modesty  dressed,  I  will
                recite,  in  my  room  or  in  Church,  the  Prayers  of  the
                Christian,  and  make  an  hour  of  meditation.  I  will  always
                hear  Mass  with  devotion,  receive  Holy  Communion  with
                deep fervour every time I am given permission, and in my
                prayer whatever form it may take, I will not lift my eyes ...

            C.  On  my  return  home  I  will  get  busy  with  my  duties;  I  will
                carry  them  out  promptly.  In  particular,  I  will  do  the
                humblest  and  meanest  chores  and  I  will  always  avoid
                being served by others in anything.

            D.  After lunch, I will take a little rest for the glory of God, and
                this aim will always be kept in all that I do. I will pay a short
                visit to the Blessed Sacrament if I can; I will also make the
                examination of conscience before I start work ...
            E.  After finishing my work and ordinary occupations, I will go
                to visit the Blessed Sacrament: then I will recite the usual
                vocal prayers for the day. I will visit the altar of Mary and
                will renew to Her my self-offering. On my way to and back
                from Church I will never talk needlessly, and  in Church I
                will  always  remain  in  great  devotion,  never  saying  any
                word at all, nor lift my eyes ...

            F.  On my return home I will carry on with my duties till after
                supper; with my family I will do the usual spiritual Reading,

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