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I will seek quiet recollection as far as possible, and out in the
            streets  I  will  maintain  a  grave,  modest  demeanour;  on  the
            main  streets  I  will  never  raise  my  eyes;  I  will  also  avoid
            chatting with anyone. So too on my way to and from Church, I
            will not talk. I will often visit the sick, especially those who are
            poor  and  I  will  meet  their  needs  as  far  as  my  own
            circumstances  allow.  I  will  always  be  calm  and  peaceful  in
            heart,  serene  in  countenance  and  pleasant  in  words  and
            manners.  I  will  always  be  ready  to  please  everyone,  never
            refusing to do any good turn to those who ask it. On all feast
            days  I  will  give  the  usual  instruction  to  the  girls  who  gather
            around  me  so  happily,  and  will  do  my  best  to  instil  in  their
            hearts a love for virtue. I will pray hard to the Lord for sinners;
            every Monday I will offer my Holy Communion for them as well
            as  the  discipline.  I  will  also  pray  for  the  souls  in  Purgatory,
            offering for the repose of their soul, every Tuesday, my Holy
            Communion and the discipline and the Way of the Cross on

            Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays will also be for them.

            I  will  have  all  due  respect  and  at  the  same  time  trust  and
            confidence in my Confessor; to Him I will frankly expose what
            is inside my heart; I will never do anything without his consent

            and  I  will  obey  him  strictly,  as  I  would  obey  God  himself.
            Similarly,  in  obeying  my  Father  I  mean  to  obey  God,  in
            obeying my Mother I mean to obey the Blessed Virgin Mary,
            and  in meeting  the  wishes  and  requests  of my  sister  and  of
            other  persons  of  my  age  or  younger,  I  mean  to  do  it  to  my
            Guardian Angel and to St Aloysius Gonzaga. Every day I will
            go against my will at least three times and will make 5 other

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