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                                   METHOD OF LIFE

                      which I resolve to follow by the grace of God

                     As a rule, I shall have six hours’ sleep. On waking up I
               shall  at  once  thank  God  for  having  watched  over  me  in  the
               night and ask him to be with me the coming day; I shall offer
               everything for his glory and beg him to help me bear patiently,
               or rather, gladly, all the crosses he has prepared for me that
               day. Then I shall commend myself to the Blessed Virgin Mary
               and  place  myself  under  her  ‘mantle’;  I  shall  also  commend
               myself to my Guardian Angel and to my beloved patron Saint

               Aloysius Gonzaga. Before leaving the room I shall meditate for
               an hour, and in Church I shall stay for another hour. First thing
               I do when I am back home is to pay a short visit, in my room,
               to  the  Crucified  Lord  and  to  Our  Lady,  during  which  I  also
               make the usual 10 genuflections.
               Then I have breakfast and carry out my duties most carefully
               till  lunch  time.  After  that,  I  shall  rest  for  a  while  and  if  I  am
               allowed,  after  finishing  the  housework,  I  shall  also  go  for  a
               walk along some quiet road.

               1    Most probably written in the Year 1825.

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