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visits to Mary; every hour I shall also make three acts of self-
               offering to the Lord, begging him to do of my whole being what
               is most pleasing to him.
               All  these  things,  however,  I  intend  to  do  outside  the  time
               dedicated to prayer, particularly to meditation. In Church and
               in prayer time I will never raise my eyes; similarly, I will never
               look at persons of the opposite sex, not even my father, nor
               any woman extravagantly dressed up.

               Since in the current circumstances I must talk, I will make up
               for  it  by  speaking  a  good  deal  about  God,  and  by  avoiding
               useless  words,  I  shall  never  talk  about  Confessors,  either;  I
               shall  never  speak  ill  of  anybody,  I  will  not  bring  excuses  for
               myself, nor talk about myself, be it favourably or unfavourably.
               I will depend for everything on my Elders.

               I will never complain of anything. In my dress (since my pride
               makes  me  careless  about  it)  I  will  adjust  to  the  wishes  of
               others, and now and then I will put on things that look rather
               elegant. I will never let others guess my likes and dislikes, but
               gladly adjust to the wishes of others.
               I will never let anyone know how much it costs me to teach,
               nor will I let anyone know of any sickness the Lord sends me,
               if there is no danger of making it worse by keeping silent about
               it.  In  food  I  will  adjust  to  what  is  provided,  and  if  I  have  to
               choose,  I  will  always  take  what  I  like  less;  I  will  not  eat
               anything  without  asking  for  it.  I  will  never  take  wine  at  all,
               coffee just a little. I will never eat fruit except when I am told to.

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