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                                     22 October 1826

                                 SOME RESOLUTIONS


                       METHOD OF LIFE DRAWN UP FOR MYSELF

                     My gracious Jesus, I’m afraid it is a long time now since
               I first understood that you want something important from me:
               in a word, that you want me to be a saint; but obstinate that I
               am,  I  have  all  this  time  been  holding  back  by  leading  an
               ordinary,  mediocre  life;  at  this  moment,  however,  I  admit
               defeat; I want at all costs to become a saint: I want to lead a
               fervent life, a mortified life, in every way as you wish it to be. I
               beg you, my dear Jesus, enlighten my mind to undertake what
               is  pleasing  to  you,  and  grant  me  the  grace  to  carry  out
               everything thoroughly well, relying on you alone. Amen.

               A.  I  shall  sleep  the  hours  allotted  to  me:  neither  more  nor
                   less. As soon as I wake up I will turn to God with my whole
                   heart  and  address  to  him  those  acts  that  his  love  will

                   suggest to me; in particular I will promise to bear gladly the
                   cross that is prepared for me that day. Then I will turn to
                   Mary; I shall give her my heart, I will put myself under her
                   mantle,  I  will  kiss  her  devoutly  and  commend  myself

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