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After prayer for half-an-hour, I shall work till about 22. In this
            last  hour  I  keep  strict  silence,  after  which  I  shall  make  the
            other ten genuflections and then go for a visit to the Blessed
            Sacrament,  and  to  the  altar  of  Mary.  Back  home,  I  shall  do
            what is required by obedience till after supper.
            After the clearing up, I shall do spiritual reading for a quarter of
            an hour, followed by Holy Rosary, then retire to my bedroom.
            First thing to do there is to pay a visit to the image of Mary,
            then recite the usual prayers, commend myself to Jesus and
            Mary and rest peace fully.
            Before  lying  down  in  bed,  however,  I  shall  note  defects  of
            pride,  and,  in  bed,  before  falling  asleep,  I  shall  read  some
            book of devotion for a ¼ of an hour.
            Every  hour  I  shall  make  6  spiritual  communions,  kiss  the
            Crucifix  once,  the  picture  of  Mary  and  the  Sacred  Heart  of
            Jesus, and utter 6 ejaculations.

            On Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays I shall do the Way of
            the  Cross  either  in  Church  after  lunch,  if  I  can,  or  in  the
            evening in the room. Three times every hour I shall offer my
            whole self to God most generously.

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