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                    P PR RA AC CT TI IC CE ES S   F FO OR R   A A   L LI IF FE E- -O OF F- -P PE ER RF FE EC CT TI IO ON N


                                    DAILY PRACTICES


                                   METHOD OF LIFE

                     Until further orders, I shall sleep 6 hours; this done, I get
               up and before leaving the room, I shall seek Mary’s protection,
               make the offering of the day’s activity and a brief visit to the
               Holy Picture of Mary. After that, I shall go to Church and stay
               for  an  hour-and-a-half:  first  meditation  then  preparation  and
               thanksgiving  for  Holy  Communion.  Back  home,  I  shall  first
               genuflect 10 times, then breakfast then the housework. At 13
               o’clock  I shall pay a visit to Jesus in my room, and from 13 to
               14 o’clock I shall keep perfect silence. After lunch I shall take
               the rest needed, in the manner indicated other times and after
               that, for half-an-hour, I shall recite the usual vocal prayers. At
               17 o’clock I shall make 10 other genuflections, and at 18 a visit
               to Mary in my room.

               1    Drawn up in the Year 1824
               2    There was different way of counting the hours - at the time of Bartolomea -
               starting from sunset.

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