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After this refreshing break, before I take up my needlework, I
            shall pay another visit in my room to Jesus and to Mary with 10
            other  genuflections,  then  I  set  myself  to  work  with  a  will.
            During this time I will try to instil into the tender hearts of the
            pupils entrusted to my care norms of good behaviour; I shall
            do  with  them,  every  day,  half-an-hour  of  instruction  on  our
            faith,  starting  at  about  21 .  I  will  pray  the  Holy  Rosary  with
            them and will myself read out, or make one of them read out,
            the  Spiritual  reading.  I  will  make  the  whole  class  recite  the
            Prayers  of  the  Christian,  morning  and  afternoon.  Every
            evening I shall pay a visit to the Blessed Sacrament and to the
            altar  of  Mary.  After  that,  I  shall  do  what  is  required  by
            obedience  till  after  supper;  during  this  time  I  shall  read  the
            spiritual  lesson,  pray  the  Holy  Rosary  with  my  dear  ones  at
            home and then retire to my room. There I shall make 10 other
            genuflections  and  then  spend  half-an-hour  or  more  in
            meditation  followed  by  vocal  prayers.  For  the  Office  of  Our
            Lady, I shall walk about. Before going to bed I will make my
            examination of conscience and note down my defects of pride.
            In bed I shall do some more spiritual reading. As my beloved
            main  Advocate  is  St  Aloysius  Gonzaga,  I  will  do  my  best  to
            imitate all his virtues, and in all that I do I will have his example
            as the most perfect mirror. I shall offer all my actions for the
            glory of God, one at a time. I shall remain as much as possible
            in  the  presence  of  God;  as  means  to  it,  I  shall  make,  every
            hour,  7  Spiritual  Communions,  say  7  ejaculations,  pay  two
            visits-in-spirit  to  Jesus  in  the  Blessed  Sacrament,  two  other

            1    See foot Note pg. 625.

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