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then recite the Rosary on my knees, on the floor, and then
                   withdraw to my room.
               G.  As soon as I enter my room, I will greet the Sacred Heart
                   of Jesus, the picture of Mary and the picture of the other
                   Saints I have in it. I will then make half-an-hour meditation
                   or more, followed by the Office of Our Lady. I will make my
                   examination of conscience and all the acts of thanksgiving,
                   self-offering,  recommendation,  love,  etc.  that  God’s  love
                   will suggest to me before I go to bed.
               H.  Before  I  go  to  bed  I  will  note  down  any  failure  to  keep
                   these resolutions and rules, and also my defects of pride.

               I.  In bed, before I dispose myself to sleep, I will read for a
                   while some devotional book and so fall asleep always with
                   a good thought in mind.
               J.  Every  morning  I  will  beg  the  Lord,  just  after  Holy
                   Communion,  to  form  in  me  a  secluded  dwelling-place
                   where even in the midst of my household work I can often
                   withdraw  and  converse  with  him.  I  will  do  my  best  to
                   remain  in  his  presence  as  much  as  I  can;  I  will  say  6
                   ejaculations, make 6 Spiritual Communions, a spiritual visit
                   to Jesus and another one to Mary; every hour I will also

                   give them a loving kiss. When I cannot actually do it, I will
                   send it to them through some Saint.
               K.  Three times a day I will make 10 genuflections each time,
                   and three visits in my room to the Crucified Lord and to the
                   Blessed Virgin Mary.
               L.  In teaching I will have no other aim than that of giving glory
                   to God and doing good to my neighbour, and so, in giving

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