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them the necessary instruction, I will also instil sound piety
                and devotion in the tender hearts of the little girls entrusted
                to my care. I will do with them every day half an hour of
                Religious Instruction, recite with them five decades of the
                Rosary  and  make  one  of  them  read  out  the  Spiritual
            M.  With them and with everybody, particularly with my sister, I
                will  be  very  gentle  and  also  eager  to  please.  However,
                human  respect  should  not  prevent  me  from  correcting
                them when they make mistakes.
            N.  I  will  never  complain  about  anything,  nor  disclose  to
                anyone the crosses God sends me, nor any sickness that
                is  not  dangerous  (except  to  my  Confessor  if  he  wants  to
                know of it).
            O.  I will try not to let others know my own inclinations so that
                in all things I may do what is pleasing to others. As to food
                and clothing, I will always choose what I like less or just

                accept as charity what is given me by my elders.
            P.  On the road, I will  keep my eyes down, and in the main
                streets I will not stop to chat. Before setting out from home
                I will make the sign of the cross and commend myself to
                God. I will do the same thing before I start doing anything.
            Q.  I will keep watch over my eyes, never staring at any man,
                whoever he may be, not even my Father, nor look closely
                at women dressed up in an ostentatious manner.
            R.  I  will  also  mind  my  tongue,  never  uttering  any  word  that
                offends  charity,  nor  saying  useless  words;  in  particular,  I
                will avoid talking about Confessors, Confessions, etc.

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