P. 9

                             On the bodily pains of Hell

                  I  reflected  on  the  torments  of  the  bodily  senses: eyes,
            ears  and  nose.  However,  what  scared  me  most  was  the
            thought that if I ended up in hell, I too would have to hear my
            beloved  Jesus,  my  sweet  Mary  and  all  the  Saints  hideously
            cursed.  Having  to  stay  all  the  time  close  to  mean,  sinful
            persons,  never,  never  having  anything  that  can  be  of  the
            slightest relief. And all this maybe for a single mortal sin ... And
            for  a  moment’s  pleasure,  maybe,  to  gain  for  myself  such  a
            hideous eternity! ...

                  Resolutions: To watch over my senses, especially my
            eyes, lest I should deserve such a terrible punishment.
                  I  did  this  Meditation  partly  walking  about  and  partly

            sitting; it must have lasted a little more than ¾ of an hour. At
            the start I had some distractions, much less as I went on; I did
            let it sink in to some extent.

                  The  second  spiritual  reading  was  on  the  life  of  St
            Gertrude, a nun. I admired her exceptional purity, how much
            she cherished this virtue. I therefore concluded how much God
            delights  in  this  virtue,  and  how  carefully  a  person  who
            possesses it should safeguard it as most valuable. In the life of
            this  Saint  I  found  joined together  the  two  beautiful  virtues  of

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