P. 7

out, sins I don’t even remember, what a bitter reproof for so
            many  graces  granted  me  but  badly  used  by  me!  He  will
            confront me with all my deeds, good in themselves but done
            out of human respect or pride, in order to shine and gain the
            esteem of others. If I were to hear the words ‘I do not know
            you!’,  and  see  for  the  first  time  the  face  of  my  God  so
            indignant,  how  dreadful,  how  terrifying!  ...  but  more  than
            anything else, what a terrible thing it would be! I have therefore
            understood how important it is to act with the right intention, for
            God’s sake alone and for His glory since sooner or later I will
            have to be examined by a just Judge, and unless I myself am
            honest, I will be reproved and condemned by him.
                  Resolutions: To act always with the right intention and
            never  to  do  anything,  however  tiny,  that  I  know  will  be
            displeasing to God.
                  I did this Meditation on my knees, in church, for about an
            hour. I had few distractions and some fervour; I did not lose

            my trust in God.
                  At  my  Holy  Communion  the  Lord  seemed  to  be  telling
            me that he wants me to be a Saint, a great saint, and  that I
            must not waste a single moment, even, because I don’t have
            much  time  left  to  live.  I  heard  the  voice  of  my  Spouse  putting
            new life in me, urging me to go on tirelessly, to go by the hard,
            narrow  path,  to  subject  myself  to  everyone,  to  work  hard,  very
            hard, and that in Heaven I will see how precious all this is. In this
            Communion I begged the Lord to let me know if I have to keep up
            my vows because at times I feel them as a heavy burden, fearing
            that if I neglect them they will serve to condemn me even more

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