P. 6

and to keep death always in mind, because it may happen that
               at the very moment that I forget all about it, God calls me to

                     Resolutions: Not to live even for a single instant in sin,
               not even venial sin, by making at least an act of contrition, and
               to remember very frequently that I have to die.
                     This Meditation took me little more than half-an-hour; I
               did it partly on my knees and partly sitting down. I had very few
               distractions but I found it rather arid.

                                   SECOND MEDITATION

                               On the particular Judgement

                     In  this  Meditation  I  was  scared  to  think  of  all  the
               accusations  that  the  devil  could make  to my  soul before  the
               judgement seat of God: I realized I would be at a loss what to
               say in answer. But even more confused I was when I began to
               think what my Guardian Angel would have to say against my
               soul, since he has witnessed so many inspirations, moments
               of  light  and  particular  graces  the  Lord  has  granted  me,  so
               many  Sacraments  badly  received,  so  many  gifts  misused;  I
               would  not  find  anything  to  say  for  myself  in  answer  to  his
               accusations,  either,  these  being  all  very  true.  But  more  than
               anything else I dread the scrutiny that Jesus Christ will carry

               out,  no  more  as  a  Spouse  but  as  a  severe  Judge,  since  he
               knows the secrets of my heart. How many sins he will bring

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