P. 8

severely. I felt that Jesus wants me to keep them: He demands
               that my life  be strict and crucified, and points out that my vows
               are sweet chains that bind me to Him; these are not heavy but I
               must always keep in mind and do my very best to carry them out
               perfectly  well.  To  have  my  mind  fully  at  rest,  I  would  ask  my
               Director to note down here what he thinks of this.

                     The  spiritual  reading  was  on  the  Life  of  St  Teotista,
               Virgin. Three things in it were very striking.  1  The supreme
               power  and  wisdom  of  God  who  worked  such  extraordinary
               marvels in a person so delicate. 2  How important withdrawal
               from  the  world  is  particularly  for  persons  like  me.  3   How
               much  good  can  be  derived  from  even  a  single  Holy
               Communion  that  is  received  well  and  how  well  we  should
               prepare ourselves to receive it fruitfully.

                     First  General  Examination  of  conscience.  I  examined
               myself on pride, and I found that this vice has been in me from
               childhood.  I  realized  that  at  times,  either  because  I  am
               contradicted, or forgotten, or wronged, my heart resents it. At
               times  I  feel  rather  pleased  when  I  am  praised,  considered
               virtuous and held in esteem. I realized that I have done little or
               nothing to uproot this vice.
                     In  my  afternoon  visit  I  heard  the  voice  of  my  Spouse
               speaking to my heart, about the value and beauty of this virtue
               (humility).  He  made  me  understand  that  the  more  forgotten,
               humbled,  ill-treated  by  men  I  am,  the  more  will  I  become

               precious in the eyes of God. The meaner I am in my own eyes,
               the greater will I be in the eyes of my God.

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