P. 11

In my visit to the Blessed Sacrament I begged Jesus to let me
            know whether he wishes me to be actively involved in order to
            be of some benefit to my neighbour or rather that I should see
            to my own interior life, because meddling with other people’s
            affairs makes me feel distracted and at other times  it makes
            me feel proud and puffed up. I seem to have understood that
            Our Lord will be very pleased if I engage myself as much as I
            can for  the  good of  others,  especially  for  their  spiritual good
            and  above  all  to  try  to  help  girls  who  are  not  at  all  given  to
            piety, but that I should do everything for God alone, to please
            Him, and charity will thus never be separated from humility nor
            from prayer.

                  Second  Examination  on  today’s  failings.  I  did  not  take
            the Discipline, because I had put it off till it was too late and I
            was  afraid  to  go  out  into  the  fields.  I  recited  Vespers  and
            Compline later than usual; I forgot to do the ‘hour’ of the vow

            of greater perfection, and had a few distractions during vocal
            prayer.  With  regard  to  the  spirit  of  recollection,  Our  Lord
            helped me: as a matter of fact, there was nothing to distract

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