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Getting lost would make of me another Judas since the Lord
            has showered countless graces on me...
                  I  have  had  a  great  desire  to  profit  from  the  grace  of
            these Spiritual Exercises and through it to lead a better life. I
            was strengthened by the thought that God loves me still and is
            in fact just now favouring me with his graces.

                  Resolutions: To value all the graces the Lord will give

            me, no matter how tiny they may be, and day by day to make
            progress in serving the Lord.
                  I  did  this  Meditation  for  half-an-hour  on  my  knees,  in
            church, and half-an-hour walking about in the house. I had few
            distractions and some fervent feelings.

                                Day 1. 21 September

                            FIRST MEDITATION - Night-time

                                     On Death

                  I considered how: death is sure to come, at an uncertain
            time,  and  only  once.  What  struck  me  most  was  the  thought

            that since I do not know when I have to die, I could easily die
            when  I  am  cold  or  lukewarm  in  God’s  service,  when  I  am
            committing  some  fault.  Should  this  happen,  what  would
            become of me? ... I was also impressed by the thought that I
            die only once; and so if I am not prepared, if my conscience is
            not right at that moment, that would be the end of me. I have
            therefore realized the necessity of being prepared all the time

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