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                           On the pains of the soul in Hell

                  I have considered how the pains of the soul in hell far
            exceed those of the body. My God, if I should end up in that
            horrible prison, what an inexpressible anguish it would be to
            remember and think of so many graces I have received, the
            extraordinary means given me, the times I was given the light
            to  see,  was  called or  inwardly  stimulated  so  that  I  might  not
            just be saved but also become a saint! What a torment it would
            be to know that so many men and women who were given far
            less graces than myself have been saved, but not!

            How painful to think how with all my knowledge and fear of hell
            and counting on not ending up in it, I forgot all about it only to
            find myself in it! How sorry it would make me to think that for
            some time I was set on serving God and was very happy to do
            so,  experiencing,  in  fact,  how  sweet  his  yoke  is,  but  then  I
            went away from Him! How distressing to think that I had urged
            others to do their utmost to avoid hell, and hearing in me the
            voice  of  God,  availed  themselves  of  the  warning  and  were
            saved,  and  I,  wretched  that  I  am,  was  not  able  to  put  into
            practice what I taught others: they will be in Heaven and I in
            hell! What a torment to be unable any more to have a good
            thought,  never  again  to  say  with  acceptance:  God’s  will  be

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