P. 12

Day 2

                              FIRST MEDITATION - Night-time

                                On pains of the soul in Hell

                     For this meditation I just sat up in bed, and I was rather

               drowsy,  and  so  it  did  not  have  a  lasting  impression  on  my
               mind.  I  think it  took me a  bit more  than  half-an-hour.  I  don’t
               remember the resolutions either.

                     At my Holy Communion this morning I begged the Lord
               to  teach  me  how  to  pray.  I  realized  how  much  God  expects
               from me, how necessary ceaseless prayer is, how perfect all
               my actions will be if while doing them I am deeply present to
               God,  and  what  an  anticipated  heaven  it  is  for  a  soul  to  live
               always united to her God! I have therefore resolved to devote
               myself wholly to this holy exercise. I have also understood that
               to succeed in this I need to arm myself with much steadfastness,
               in  order  to  overcome  all  the  temptations  and  obstacles  that  the

               devil will put in my way to disturb me in this holy practice. I did
               this Holy Communion with longing and with fervour, and our Lord
               comforted me.

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