P. 8

faithful  Bride  of  Jesus  should  never  seek  herself  in  anything
            whatsoever, be it within or without; she must always seek only
            to please God and meet with His approval, and in that way she
            will enjoy heavenly peace, even in the midst of afflictions. She
            will thus live on a plane higher than created things and might
            rightly  say:  “I  hold  discourse  in  the  Heavens  ...  I  dwell  in  the
            heights  above ”.  She  is  not  dismayed  by  the  human  misery
            around her, because it has no hold on her; she lives above all
            earthly things with her spirit fixed in God, like the Blessed in
            When  the  Lord in His  overflowing  goodness  graciously  visits
            the soul with some extraordinary grace, he does it in order that
            she  may  be  enkindled  in  loving  contemplation  of  such  an
            infinite bounty that deigns to visit the meanest worm on earth
            in answer to her  genuine desire to be loved by him. Oh, my
            God! What a boundless bounty! What an infinite love! ... Let
            the soul, then, God’s own Bride, attend to her inner shrine as
            much  as  she  knows  and  is  capable  of;  there,  let  her  die  to
            herself, humble herself and reduce herself to nothing; there let
            her  believe,  hope  and  trust,  thank  and  pray;  there  let  her
            conform her will to God’s will in utter self-surrender and, lastly,
            tend to the infinite beyond all measure. In fact, even when she
            has  done  all  this,  she  will  not  have  overdone  it,  because
            everything is simply her duty, obligation, incumbent upon her,
            and  she  feels  driven  to  do  more  in  order  to  fulfil  her  duty.
            Being  infinitely  good,  God  deserves  all  she  could  ever  offer.
            The holiness of a Religious is in proportion to her virtue, that
            is,  to  her  charity  towards  God  and  neighbour,  and  to  her

            1    Original in Latin “Mea conversation in Coelis est - Ego in altissimis habito”.

                                       - 750 -
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