P. 5

on earth than that of perfectly following in the footsteps of our
               Divine Redeemer dying on the Cross.
               St Paul says, “Love bears all things, endures all things” . It is no
               use challenging a loving soul with countless difficulties, pains
               and  torments;  it  will  wave  them  aside,  for  love  overcomes
               everything.  Love  knows  no  difficulty,  because  its  area  of
               activity goes beyond time; it knows no pain or sorrow because
               its reach is beyond mere feelings.
               If you say to a person that loves most ardently: “Today there is
               no more time to do this or that thing for the glory of God?”, she
               will promptly  reply,  “I  will  do  it  at  night.”  “But  you  know  very
               well that you need rest to keep healthy”, she will reply, “Rest!
               Health! Ah! The will of God alone is my rest”. And if you again
               say: “But in this time of the year you will grow numb with cold”,
               she will reply: “Cold! What do you mean? Don’t you know that
               fire needs no other heat; I have a fire within me that warms me
               and burns me, and so I don’t mind heat nor cold, nor  any pain

               or  hardship.  Love  sees  nor  feels  anything  except  love.
               Besides, hardships are my toys, they serve me as wings to fly
               with to the Sacred Heart of my Supreme Good. And so there is
               nothing that can delay my speedy flight to God”.

                     Moral virtues, such as humility, patience, meekness and
               silence  with  other  similar  virtues  must  be  practised  by
               corresponding  acts  all  through  life,  till  we  die.  But  since
               sustained, faithful practice of these virtues forms in the soul a

               1    Original in Latin “omnia suffert, omnia sustinet”.

                                          - 747 -
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